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JULY 21, 2018




A TDP event is one which everyone enjoys. It may be a Gospel Concert, Play, Jazz Set, Steppers Set, Old School R&B, Kids concert or a Clean Comedy Show.

Our mission requires us to provide a "PLATFORM" where God's people can display their gifts and visions. 

And best of all we strive to keep tickets affordable for all our supporters and partners.



The second arm of TDP is providing a Platform for New Artist to work their gifts. We have learned that the challenge that prevents GIFTS from being explored is the lack of opportunity.

At every event that TDP produces we always choose a New Artist to open for the show.

It is our hope that these new artist will be discovered by Industry leaders and will be guided on how to really discover their gifts and use them to bless others. Once they are on the road to production, we will continue to work on the team to promote them.


TDP  model shows adopts Hosea 5;6 and we believe that people perish for a lack of knowledge. Additionally, we believe that there is POWER in knowledge. There is no way anyone can be successful in this industry if they do not know anything about business, contracts, finances, how to do research, etc....


The 3rd arm of TDP is at every event we distribute at least 1 monetary scholarship. 

We BELIEVE that  on we will meet more and more people that care about God's people and want to see our people succeed.


in 2019 we we be in a financial position to distribute at least 1 annual $5000.00 Scholarship. We BELIEVE that there will be a day when we will issue millions in college scholarships to our supporters and their families.

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